Elk Haven Herbals

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Our mission at Elk Haven Herbals is to create unique compounded herbal extracts.


Our aim is to be maximally transparent. We seek to not only provide quality products to our customers but to also foster an educational environment. Very few healthcare companies provide direct evidence to support their products, but we do just that. Each of the active compounds found  in our products is cited directly with evidence of its effectiveness. We use the appropriate techniques to properly isolate and combine these compounds into unique formulations. Transparency and uniqueness is what fuels our small business.


Elk Haven Herbals grew out of necessity. Most of the products we sell were created simply because they do not exist. Often times during the cold season many of us suffer infections that do not exhibit the characteristics of a bacterial infection, hence the creation of an antiviral.


Backpackers, climbers, hikers, and lovers of the great outdoors have few options for snakebite, so a novel, transportable, botanically-based treatment was designed. It does not require refrigeration. It provides an option where no others exist.


Our antiemetic was developed for treating morning sickness. The Boob Food formulation naturally followed as a novel breastfeeding supplement.


At Elk Haven Herbals we provide products that often cannot be found for problems that seem untreatable. We create "Herbs to live by."