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Can I mix any of the products with other liquids?


Yes. Mixing the products with a drink of your choosing is recommended and does not interfere with the      

effectiveness of the product.



What is the best way to use the TVT lotion?


This might be our most frequently asked question. The suggested directions include applying the lotion before bed and showering in the morning. However, the opposite can also be done where the lotion is applied in the morning and showering is done later that evening. Many options are available. Keep in mind you are trying to accomplish two things. First, to kill the fungus which is accomplished by using the TVT lotion. Second, you are trying to eliminate the environment that the fungus thrives in. Tinea versicolor thrives in a moist environment. Therefore,  to maximize the effectiveness of TVT it should not be applied directly after showering as during this time the skin is in its most absorptive state. Applying during other periods allows the lotion to sit on the uppermost layer of the skin where the fungus is found. In addition, we recommend using an antifungal powder after showering to further enhance drying.



Should I use other lotions in combination with the TVT?


No. Unfortunately, those of us that are susceptible to Tinea will always be so. Lotion is meant to moisturize the skin which makes it an ideal breeding ground for Tinea to re-establish.



My skin appears irritated after using the TVT lotion. Is this normal?


Absolutely! Most often skin becomes inflammed in response to the fungus attempting to survive. Depending upon the severity of the infection it may take some time to begin seeing improvements.



How can I tell when my Tinea is cured?


This is a complex matter and depends on how dark the skin was prior to beginning treatment. Tinea Versicolor also destroys the melanin found within skin cells that gives your skin its pigment. Once the fungus has been destroyed, these skin cells still lack melanin. Exposure to sun restores and evens original skin tone. For those areas that are already lighter in color, skin will often restore to its original tone even without skin exposure. For severe infections that present with large areas of inflammed skin, the inflammation often disappears once the fungus has been properly eliminated.



When using the TVT it seems my skin has yellowed. Is that possible?


Yes! Nitrogenous compounds often temporarily stain the skin. This staining will fades once treatment has subsided. Not unlike a new pair of jeans, avoiding white shirts directly after application is advised.



I was Tinea free for about 8 months and then it returned. What happened?


Sadly, Tinea is a recurring problem. As previously mentioned, individuals who are susceptible to the infection remain so throughout their lifetime. In addition to likely needing an effective Tinea treatment every few years, such as TVT, other precautions must be taken. For example, re-using towels or re-wearing clothing should be avoided. Using a laundry additive such as Borax minimizes reexposure to fungal cells. The use of lotions or oils should also be avoided.



I have psoriasis/eczema. Can I use TVT to treat this?


Unfortunately the TVT cannot be used to treat either ailment. TVT is specifically designed for fungal infections. Neither psoriasis or eczema are fungal. We are in the research phase of developing treatments for both. Continue to check our site for new products. 



Does the antivenin come in a glass bottle?


No. Initially the product was designed to come in a glass bottle. However, after recommendations from rescue personnel, the product now comes in a plastic bottle. This provides safer storage in a medical kit or backpack.



Is the antiemetic safe to take during pregnancy?


Yes. The product was designed with pregnant women in mind. Although testing products on pregnant women is not conducted in the United States, this product contains nothing that could be harmful during pregnancy. That being said, the Antiviral and Acanthapanax Vitilizing extracts should be avoided during pregnancy as they contain ethanol.


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