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Herbal Antiviral Extract

Have you been sick for a while? Incessant cough but no mucus production? Clear mucus? Flu like symptoms that seem untreatable? These are the classic indicators of a viral infection. Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections which often times produce colored mucus. There are hardly any products on the market designed specifically to treat viral infections.

The first antiviral was originally synthesized from a sea sponge, and marine sponges are still one of the most promising sources of novel antivirals (1). Today, there are less than 40 antivirals approved for clinical use on the market (2).  Our Herbal Antiviral Extract has a multitude of compounds including S and F virus like particles (VLPs), S-derived RNA, and lentinan as derivatives of the fungus Lentinus edodes. All of which have shown to upregulate immune function (3). Lentinan, in particular, has displayed both immunopotentiating and antimetastatic properties (4). Specifically in ethanolic rather than aqueous extract, all of these compounds have been shown to be effective against a number of varying types of viral infections (5).

Many non-productive coughs and other flu-like symptoms are often the result of viral rather than bacterial infection. Our Herbal Antiviral Extract is one of the best and only options available for such a circumstance. Expedited shipping available. Contains 30 doses.

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