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Migraine Mender


People that suffer from migraines understand both their severity and likelihood of reoccurrence.  The exact cause of migraines and their associated pain is not well understood. A multitude of both genetic and hormonal activities likely play a role in their onset by producing high levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, resulting in inflammation (1). Many times this onset can be detected by the sufferer and is often perceived even before other symptoms occur. This is referred to as aura.

Plenty of treatments are available to treat headaches; however, only a few treatments specifically target migraines. Most over-the-counter (OTC) medications have been found to be ineffective in the treatment of migraines. However, a few medications, including prescription based sumitriptan and valproic acid, have been found to effectively treat migraines in clinical trials (1).  These medications specifically target serotonin receptors to decrease its concentration in the brain. Nonetheless, many of these treatments are extremely expensive and often cost 20-25 dollars a pill. Valproic acid is a derivative of valerenic acid, the active compound in the plant Valeriana officinalis or Valerian root(2). Like valproic acid, valerenic acid has also been shown to similarly suppress the production serotonin (3,4). That is why our Migraine Mender at Elk Haven Herbals includes pure valerenic acid derived from Valeriana.

A few other novel compounds are also showing promise in effectively treating migraines. For example, both nicotinic acid and riboflavin (types of vitamin B) alleviated pain in migraine sufferers in Class I trials (1). Melatonin, a compound produced naturally by the pineal gland and used as a sleep aid, also showed similar results (5).

There are few products on the market designed specifically to treat migraines. Those in existence are often prescription based. At Elk Haven Herbals we’ve combined the newest and most promising compounds including valerenic acid, nicotinic acid, riboflavin, and melatonin into a single treatment option - Migraine Mender.

The treatment should be taken as a daily supplement to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine occurrence.  

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