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Nerve Numb-er


Individuals who suffer from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS) experience widespread pain that persists (1). Understanding and treating these ailments is both challenging and complex. The complexity of treatment lies in the unknown and likely multifaceted cause of Fibromyalgia and CPS. However, as in-depth study has progressed, some likely causes have been revealed.  

In a number of cases, chronic and neuropathic pain may be the result of overactive nuerotransmitters (2).  In fact, inhibiting such transmitters has been shown to decrease associated pain. For example, mirtazapine, pregabalin (Lyrica), and gabapentin (Neurontin) have all been shown to significantly reduce chronic neuropathic pain (3,4). Similarly, picamilon, a unique and complex B-vitamin compound functions by increasing the concentration of GABA, a molecule in the brain that inhibits the activity of nuerotransmitters (5,6,7). At Elk Haven Herbals our Nerve Numb-er addresses the over-activity facet of chronic neuropathic pain by including picamilon, a natural-based neurotransmitter inhibitor.

Chronic pain may also be the result of trauma or nerve damage (8). New research shows promise in the field of neuroregenerative medicine. The mushroom Hericium erinaceus, has been shown to regenerate damaged nerves with daily oral administration (9). This is likely due to its increase in nerve growth factors (10). Nerve Numb-er includes a concentrated extract of this mushroom.

Lastly, chronic pain may be aggravated by tissue inflammation. Powerful Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as indomethacin are commonly used to treat pain as a result of inflammation. Natural alternatives for synthetic antinflammatories (NSAIDS) are rare but do exist. The plant genus Scrophularia contains NSAIDS such as Verbascosaponin A, which has been shown to be twice as effective as indomethacin for decreasing inflammation (11). Moreover, unlike synthetic NSAIDS which are known to cause peptic ulcers, no side effects are known for Scrophularia- likely due to it’s unique mechanism of action (12).  A potent extract of Scrophularia is included in Elk Haven Herbal’s Nerve Numb-er.

Most individuals suffering with fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome have tried a countless number of treatment methods . Elk Haven Herbals provides another treatment that includes natural-based and plant derived compounds that have shown to be effective in treating one of many possible causes of these ailments.  To be taken daily. One month supply.

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