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Welcome to Elk Haven Herbals! With a background in both biology and anthropology our familiarity with the historical use of ethnobotanicals has allowed us to bring rare products to the mainstream market. Our compounds have been extracted and combined using only the most modern biochemical techniques and equipment available . These products have arrived out of simple necessity due to the lack of availability or existence of anything similar on the market. Many herbalists claim the efficacy of their products is based on studies of which they are often unfamiliar. All of our products at Elk Haven Herbals are based on current research that can be found in reputable peer-reviewed scientific literature. That is why you will find the citations for each product formulation coupled with the relating studies under each product description.

Nobu's Picture HAVE 4 Bottle Siberian-Ginseng

All Natural Energy

Vitilizing Extract

A novel treatment for Tinea Versicolor!

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Try our original formula or a sensitive version made with organic aloe vera gel.

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Photography by Nobu Negishi